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Download Pokemon Games for free
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pokemon emulator
The Emulator No$gmb works with both roms. It can be downloaded by clicking on the on the picture of the baby magmar below.

If any one is selling Pokemon Neo cards e-mail me at

Pokemon Gold Rom

Pokemon Gold is simmilar to the previous Pokemon games, the main difference is that there are 150 new pokemon. To the right is a picture of the legendary bird that ash saw in the TV series. It's name is Honou. Honou is just one of the many pokemon that you can catch in pokemon gold and silver. (Click on Honou to download the Gold Pokemon rom)

Pokemon Gold and Silver Rom Pokedex

Pokemon Gold and Silver Rom Gameshark codes

My Friends Pokemon Matrix page

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Pokemon Silver ROM

Pokemon Silver is just like pokemon gold, the only difference is you can catch pokemon in the silver version that you can't catch in the gold version and there are pokemon in the gold version that you can't catch in the silver version. The picture/link to the right is also a legendary bird, it's name is Lugia. Lugaria is soon to appear in a new Pokemon movie called Revelation Lugia. (click on lugia to download Pokemon Silver)


Click on the laparas below to veiw a walkthrough for Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Pokemon Roms

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Download Mario Roms

Mario Advance Emulator »

Start your very own pokemon adventure by following the instructions below:




pokemon gold roms
pokemon silver rom

Download pokemon silver rom

download pokemon crystal rom

download pokemon sapphire rom

download saved pokemon red rom(with mew)

download saved pokemon blue rom(with mew)

Download saved pokemon yellow rom(with mew)

download visual boy advance 1.5.1.


Some people say that mew only can be caught by gameshark or nintendo events but there is a way stated below:
how to catch mew v.1!!
How to catch mew v.2!!
How to catch mew v.3!!
How to catch mew v.4!!
How to catch mew v.5!!
How to catch mew v.6!!


Calculate your password to reset time in gold, silver & crystal version


instructions to catch mew on your computer:
1. Download saved pokemon roms
2.unzip it to play. visual boy advance 1.51 and open the specific rom.
4.follow the instructions in how to catch mew v.6!!
5.enjoy your mew!!
Note: this trick can also be done on gameboys too!!

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