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pokemon emulatorhi every one! this is my new pokemon page. included in this page is pokemon gold and silver version roms, and also a walkthrough that wasnt made by me. although they are still in japaness i thought that it was still fun. to play these roms you will need a emulator. a emulator is a program that makes your computer think that its a gameboy or what ever the emulator program was made to be and play a game boy file. the game files are called roms. there are many different kinds of roms out there on the web so you can play many different kinds of games without buying them. i have included all of the things you will need to play these game files. just click on the links for the games. they will take about a minute to be downloaded.

and im also sorry that the download links were not working befor... ive fixed the problems now and you should be able to download them.

click here to download gold version

click here to download silver version

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click here to download the gold and silver version walkthrough


Pokemon Roms

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Download Mario Roms

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Start your very own pokemon adventure by following the instructions below:




pokemon gold roms
pokemon silver rom

Download pokemon silver rom

download pokemon crystal rom

download pokemon sapphire rom

download saved pokemon red rom(with mew)

download saved pokemon blue rom(with mew)

Download saved pokemon yellow rom(with mew)

download visual boy advance 1.5.1.


Some people say that mew only can be caught by gameshark or nintendo events but there is a way stated below:
how to catch mew v.1!!
How to catch mew v.2!!
How to catch mew v.3!!
How to catch mew v.4!!
How to catch mew v.5!!
How to catch mew v.6!!


Calculate your password to reset time in gold, silver & crystal version


instructions to catch mew on your computer:
1. Download saved pokemon roms
2.unzip it to play.
3.open visual boy advance 1.51 and open the specific rom.
4.follow the instructions in how to catch mew v.6!!
5.enjoy your mew!!
Note: this trick can also be done on gameboys too!!

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